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Ik ben een paragraaf. Klik éénmaal om je eigen content in te voeren. Je kunt het lettertype, de regelhoogte, kleur en nog veel meer aanpassen door een gedeelte te selecteren en een van de opties in de werkbalk te kiezen.

About the painter


My name is Brigitte. I was born in The Netherlands and for many years I worked and lived in various countries around the world. My life abroad has given me the opportunity to interact with different cultures. Living in China I discovered painting and it became my passion. My inspiration comes from nature and natural shapes. The use of naive and abstract forms reflects Asia's influence. Latin America and the Caribbean have added an enthusiasm for lively and cheerful colors. In all paintings my search for harmony is felt by the choice and composition of the figures or abstract elements and the special combination of colors. My wish is to involve the observer in the pursuit for serenity but at the same time leaves room for individual interpretation and feelings. I explore the search for inner peace and balance in a world of turmoil.
The website provides the visitor with a glance into my world of art and offers an impression of a selection of my oil paintings like Female Faces and Greek Statues

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